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Fans of Amanda Kapousouz, the Tin Cup Prophette's Journal

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Amanda finally joined MySpace!! If you have an account, go friend her...please?


If you don't have an account, it's mighty addictive, and you just may want to join up!

Monday, April 4, 2005

8:54PM - in case you didn't already know...

new journal and tour dates on amanda's site!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2005


Amanda got a box feature in this week's Flagpole!!

Performance-wise, there are (at least) three distinct sides to Amanda Kapousouz, otherwise known as Tin Cup Prophette. Her entry into the world of Apollo, the Greek god of music, was through the fiddle and 12 years of private violin lessons. Now, her performances divide into two distinct vocal and musical directions. One side explores the world of haunting, earthy, original, Southern folk along the lines of locals Hope for Agoldensummer and Athens ex-pat Madeline Adams. The other side explores the equally moving and mystical world of traditional Celtic folk, with all its rich, lilting charm.

Kapousouz's depth of talent in Celtic music traces back to her time living amongst the richly cultural Celtic population in New York where she busked and played the Irish music circuit. That move to New York came after finishing college in Charleston where she befriended the Bivins brothers and the rest of the crew from Jump (Little Children), whom she says are the link to most of her friends and influences.

The non-Celtic, contemporary, folk side of Tin Cup Prophette has been influenced by Kapousouz's association (leading to marriage) with Bain Mattox, and her friendship with Claire and Page Campbell, from Hope for Agoldensummer. With references to comparisons with the richly textured and rolling-ethereal sound of the sisters Campbell: Kapousouz says, "I don't think that I've consciously tried to emulate that sound, but I've definitely been influenced by it."

Accompanying Kapousouz on-stage for her set of beautifully original folk at Little Kings are Mattox and George Baerreis (of the band Bain Mattox). For a set of traditional Irish folk songs at the Flicker Bar & Theatre on Thursday, March 10, Kapousouz will perform with Michael Collins on guitar and bouzouki and Matt Bivins on tin whistle. [Ben Gerrard]

Tuesday, February 8, 2005


Amanda's website has been updated with new tour dates and a new journal! Check it out.

Saturday, February 5, 2005

3:49PM - tour dates

upon realizing that the tour dates on the page haven't been updated in a while i've been searching about for shows and i finally found one.

wed. march 2nd @ the village tavern in mt. pleasant, s.c.

i'm fairly certain that this is a part of josh terry's wonderful writers block series.

so who's coming to visit me in chucktown?

Sunday, January 16, 2005

9:41PM - pictures

I have a Tin Cup Prophette section on my Website and there are now pictures from the Jan 13, 2005 show in Athens... go and enjoy and then praise me. www.echodiaries.com

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Friday, January 7, 2005

12:36AM - I am bpmuzik....

Hello Hello Hello...

congrats and props to you who started this group... you and i know who you are. you beat me to it. I love amanda k. and want her to get all that she ever wants... musically. in life that would probably make her not as interesting therefor making her less creative and less inclined to make her beautiful music or be the charming lady she is. bain is a lucky fella.

i hope that this becomes quite active... i am lazy and often forget about all things including livejournal groups.. but know that i love amanda k. and will see you at her shows!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2005

2:44PM - introducing myself. yeah.

hello. i'm alicia. woo. i'm 19 and i live in new york. i'm an english major at fordham who hates both school and work. nothing new. i've played violin for 11 years now, but haven't at all in the past few months. i keep meaning to get back to it, but every time i try something new is broken. c'est la vie.

anyways, i've loved amanda ever since i heard she existed. very excited to purchase her album, and maybe even see her live. someone tell her to come to new york.

have a nice day. :)

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1:02AM - Introductory Post

Hi, and welcome to the Tin Cup Prophette LJ community!

I'm Judith, a 19 year old musician from Raleigh, living in Baltimore. I found out about Amanda through one of my favorite bands, Jump (,Little Children), and I've been listening to her music for about a year now. I'm just learning to play the fiddle myself (mine's a lovely shade of bright blue) and I write songs and poetry. I also play guitar, piano, harmonica, and Irish tin whistle. My favorite TCP song is "Revolution," and I'll be choreographing a modern dance piece this semester to a mix of "80 Days" and Bill Carson's "Radio Dial." I met Amanda for the first time in person recently at Jump's Dock Street theatre shows, where she played second chair violin and also sung "Do You Love An Apple?" with Jay Clifford and "The Liar and the Thief" as an encore. Unfortunately, I won't be able to see any of the Southern shows this month because I'll be studying for three weeks in France, but I hope some pictures and reviews will get posted here! Two pictures (Amanda singing "Liar and the Thief" with Matthew Bivins on mandolin at the Dock Street, and Amanda and I after the first Dock Street show) are under the cut.

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